Sunday, February 28, 2021

February 2021

Vaccine # 2 just a sore arm for a few days and that was it.
There weren't many people running 5Ks in February so we placed well but it was hard to run fast without much competition.  Still, I was glad that they held the races.
Abby and Levi enjoyed some of the Little Passports science kits. Levi built a marble roller and Abby used lemons to make electricity.  It was convenient that we had lemons in our backyard for the activity!
Gloria got slime in her hair when we let her play with it unsupervised.  Ugh.
Story time!
February was cloudier and rainier than it had been in a long time and it was nice to have some pretty clouds!
We bought plane tickets to Florida for spring break so we had to buy Gloria some face masks.  She hasn't worn them yet.  Hopefully she will do OK on the flight.  
We (and by we I mean Ryan) are re-doing the garage so we cleared out some old stuff.  Gloria enjoyed sitting in her old baby seat.  

We had chocolate fondue for Valentine's Day.
It was a big hit.
Reverse smores.

On President's Day we went to Joshua Tree National Park.  There are so many national parks within a days drive from Yuma (one of the few perks) so I want to make sure we see as many as we can while we're here.  

The landscape was really cool with big boulders to climb on and Joshua trees which are very unique looking.

It was the perfect place to reenact The Lion King.

This was an overlook of the San Andreas Fault.

Gloria enjoyed being in her special backpack and had fun picking juniper berries.
This is a Joshua tree close up.  
This is called Skull Rock.
This was the cholla ("choy-a") cactus garden.  Man my captions skills have gone way downhill.

Gloria is old enough to play some pre-school file folder games which she really likes.
We made some homemade donuts.  There is a little bit of a learning curve and I think they will turn out better next time, but they were still pretty good for a first attempt.
Ryan got to take a helicopter ride for work.  
He could see our house from the air!

Ryan was killing some time and took a picture at Yuma High.  Their mascot is the criminals.  It's also the worst high school in town so that's kind of unfortunate.  

 Abby and Levi decided to get baptized on Valentines' Day.  Ryan baptized them in our hot tub.  It was a nice way for our family to make a happy memory on a day that has been difficult for the last few years.  The pictures are a little squinty because it was sunny.  Oops.  

Sunday, January 31, 2021

January 2021

Gloria has been enjoying her scooter.

We tuned into one of our church's sacrament meetings via Zoom.  It was a testimony meeting where anyone could go up and share a thought.  We could not believe this guy who went up with a space suit type head covering.  If you are that worried about germs, stay home and watch on Zoom!
I got my first COVID vaccine shot in January.  I was part of the first group because technically I am considered a healthcare worker as a mental health care worker.  I got the Moderna vaccine.  I had a mildly sore arm for a few days and a persistent but low grade headache for about 5 days that got a little bit better each day.
I never get tired of her smiles.
Pomegranate seeds from our pomegranate trees!

One day I randomly went for a run in a park in the afternoon which I never do and I literally saw Kristi Koplin run across my path.  If I had been there 10 seconds earlier or later I never would have seen her or known she was in town.  She is a friend from high school in PA.  She went to Cumberland Valley High School and I knew her from the LDS church.  She ended up throwing Javelin and Hammer for Southern Utah University so I saw her at some college track meets, and then she went on the do the Bobsled in the Olympics.  (She was an alternate, but still, technically an Olympian!)  She was in town as a nurse with the Army reserves helping at our hospital for a few months since we were overrun with COVID cases.  Pretty crazy! It was a very nice to see an old friend here and I think it was the Lord helping us to bump into each other.  

Abby made a very cool and fancy birthday cake for herself.
Levi planned a birthday party for Abby in his room.  Gloria and I were acting out charades.
This was the party schedule: music and dancing, dunk contest, nerf gun game, charades, pin the tail on the donkey, music, pillow fight, party's over.  
This was the cake Abby found on the internet--a galaxy cake.  It ended up looking pretty cool.
Birthday selfie
Birthday photo bomb
Ants on a log in style.
Brushing her puppy's fur.

Abby hard at work.